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Looking for a bag that is made well with designer quality and at a price that doesn't break the bank? You have come to the right shop. This is an elegant bag crafted from a gorgeous leather. We always use full grain leather, the top quality cut of hide. But even more importantly, it comes from one of the most renowned tanneries in the world. This beautiful hide comes from the Horween tannery in Chicago, Illinois. The most mesmerizing quality of the bag is it's "pull up". That is a characteristic of high quality, hand dyed leather. As you grab the leather and morph it with your hands, it's creates a beautiful contrast in color. But the color falls back to its original state as the oils rise back to the top of the material. One of the best attributes is that this waxed leather provides a highly water resistant coat. As much as the outside has beautiful dark hues, one smell of the interior reminds you that nothing can replace top quality leather. The bag meets all of your needs from laptops and notebooks to diapers, providing a beautiful accessory to any occasion. Each stitch is hand sewn to provide top of the line durability. These hides are hard to get for a small producer so make sure to get it while supplies are available! Feel free to contact the shop with any questions! Specifications: 12" Length x 4.5" Width x 10" Height The strap measures 12.5" from the center of the bag to the top of the straps. ***Shipping time may be shorter than listed. Times vary depending on when the order is made***

Custom Designed Waxed Genuine Leather

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