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It's More Than Genuine, It's Real

Our goal is to supply more than premium leather goods. We want each product to provide an experience that goes beyond its utility and offers a satisfaction in owning something wholly unique and elegantly simple. No two hides of leather are the same, each displaying subtle variances in style.


 ​​Most store bought leather products are penned "Genuine Leather" which is a term for a lower quality/suede style cut of a hide. We only use full grain and top grain leather from the best tanneries in the U.S. and Italy. 

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Our Story 

I started Loreto Leather to pour my skill and labor into the creation of something beautiful for others to enjoy. It is the result of three years' trial and error.


​​ I began by blindly buying panels and hides without the requisite knowledge of whether I could use that particular tannage or thickness for the project. Leather is an unforgiving material. A small mismeasure or one extra stitching hole ruins something beautiful. Luckily we can derive strength from our challenges.


​ ​I am pleased to embark on this journey and confidently provide the best leather goods available. 

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We would love to hear from you if you have any questions, requests, or even if you are looking for some tips regarding leather projects.

Corporate customers that are looking for employee/client gifts should reach out via email. 

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